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         Kyle and Adrienne work extensively within the ministry.  They both attend the Transformation Center.  A non-traditional church, that believes in empowering each
member to fulfill their God given purpose on the earth. Adrienne has been a part of this ministry for 23 years, while Kyle has been a part of the minister for 6 years.  They are both ordained ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

       Together, they are involved with many ministries within the Transformation Center, including the Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and Marriage Ministry. They enjoy helping people naturally and spiritually. Annually, they coordinate the distribution of toys, through the Presents of Joy Christmas program. This program is designed to ensure that each child within the community receive toys to open on Christmas day.  Due to financial difficulties within families, sometimes this is not possible.  This program has blessed over 300 children with presents on Christmas day.  They also help promote and coordinate the annual Transforming Lives Health Fair and Community Outreach Event with certified health associates on hand to conduct various screenings, nutritional and vitamin seminars, aerobics instructors, financial seminars, information booths, face painting, school supplies give-away, and more for the community. 

        In addition, Kyle and Adrienne work diligently with their Pastor to coordinate the Transformation Center Annual Leadership Meeting, where they design activities to build transformational leaders, visionary and empowering. They advocate that leaders should inspire and elevate others in order to achieve greatness. Kyle and Adrienne value, promote, and donate time to the Ministry while influencing others to build their relationship with God on a daily basis.God has blessed Kyle and Adrienne Outen. Together, they have a blended family which consists of 7 children and one grandchild; Terinae, Johnathan, Desirae, Abriana, Jonnel, Kyla, Joel, & Josiah.


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